Saira Hasan Cognitive Behavourial Hypnotherapy

Typical Session. peace

so this is how it works...

  • If you are interested, fill in the e mail form and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

  • We will set up a time for our free initial 20 minutes phone conversation . Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind and I will be happy to answer them within the allotted time. If we are both happy to move forward, we can set up an initial assessment session. I might forward some forms to you via e mail that you can fill in and bring to the initial session. Please ensure that for cases like pain management and insomnia, your GP has ruled out other possible medical conditions.

  • An initial session ideally lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes as we need to obtain as much information as possible . This might also include signing a contract, filling additional health forms and completing questionnaires. At this stage, if I feel that your condition is more severe than what I can safely treat, I will do my best to refer you to another therapist. If I feel that I can help you, we will collaborate with each other to clarify goals and make a possible treatment plan. We will determine how many sessions we will need to meet our end goals: normally 4-6 sessions.

  • Subsequent sessions would generally be around an hour. A typical session might follow this pattern:

    • Checking current condition and reviewing progress

    • Mutually agreeing agenda for current session

    • Reviewing homework results

    • Working through different CBT/Mindfulness/ACT coping techniques followed by a hypnosis session which reinforces positive gains.

    • Agree next stage of between- session tasks including listening to hypnosis tapes.

    • Wrap up with feedback on current session.

Typical Session. keep calm

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